LunaProxy Static IP

LunaProxy Static IP

Global real family static ISP proxy, 200 million real IP addresses, high speed, stable and cheap!


LunaProxy is an excellent residential proxy and scraping API provider with a large proxy pool of over 200 million ethical proxies from 195 locations, helping you bypass IP blocks, CAPTCHAs, and geo-blocks.

LunaProxy makes data collection easy with high-quality, premium proxies suitable for any use case. You can easily integrate LunaProxy with any third-party tool, and scraping the API is guaranteed to be 100% successful.

Dynamic Residential Proxy
Private IP address, giving you complete anonymity and high success rate.

Rotate ISP proxy
Enjoy long sessions without any interruptions

Unlimited residential proxy
Unlimited use of residential proxies

static residential proxy
Wide coverage, stable and high-speed static residential IP proxy network

Static data center proxy
Collect data efficiently with up to 99.99% accuracy

LunaProxy service features:
Value for money
LunaProxy brings you the best residential proxy service on the market, you can enjoy 200M+ large IP pool for only $0.7/GB

195+ locations worldwide
Agents in every corner of the globe, with city-level positioning.

Average 99.9% success rate
The average success rate is 99.9%. Our proxy rotation means you can control your sessions and avoid IP bans and CAPTCHAs

Accurate positioning
Every residential IP provided by LunaProxy is a real mobile or desktop device pinpointed to a physical location.

Change IP instantly
Use a simple API request to change your IP and get a new residential proxy from the pool almost instantly.

Automatically switch and change your residential IP proxy at set intervals. Specify how often you want automatic rotation accurate to every minute, for up to 72 hours!

Unlimited concurrent sessions
No limits or constraints – send an unlimited number of concurrent sessions

Overcome bans, CAPTCHAs and suspensions
With more advanced features than any other provider, you’ll never have to worry about being banned again.